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Contraband in Mexico persists despite the Covid-19 pandemic: Canaintex

The National Chamber of the Textile Industry (Canaintex) reported that, despite the crises caused by the pandemic of Covid-19

the smuggling and illegality in the sector textiles continued to be introduced into Mexico.

In this sense, the agency warned that the entry of these products into the national territory affects the Mexican sector, taking into account that the about 65% of this is “kidnapped” by the illegal market.

interviewed by Millenniumthe president of the National Chamber of the Textile Industry, Manuel Espinosa Maurer, highlighted that the textile sector produces more than 12% of the manufacturing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) throughout its value chain, reaching 90 billion pesos .

“Smuggling did not increase with the confinement, but it continued to enter and remained, and the legal ones were at zero, and currently 65 percent of the market is kidnapped by illegality and smuggling. The undervaluation of products made below the cost of raw material was equivalent to 373 million garments, that is, one in three that enter the country do not pay the corresponding taxes, ”he explained.

The leader of the organization pointed out that, according to the undervaluation of confiscated products below the cost of the raw material, he realizes that one out of three who enter the Mexican Republic do not pay the corresponding taxes.

For his part, Espinosa Maurer pointed out that another of the problems currently facing the textile sector in Mexico is the theft of goods, which is increasing more and more recently, increasing by 38%. He regretted that the criminals first took the products and then proceeded to steal even the cotton.

“The number of robberies has increased 38 percent, these robberies went from first wearing garments, to the raw material that is cotton. Speaking of raw material, there are few industrialists to whom the cotton arrives to transform it, so the authority is aware, and it should be easier to identify where it goes, they take it to warehouses and then to factories, ”he indicated.

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