Indian textile exports to Canada may double by 2020

It is likely that the Indian textiles and apparel exports to Canada may double by 2020, according to North American Brands Group, organiser of Apparel Textile Souring Canada (ATSC) fair. The exporters of India have a huge scope for expansion and growth to fill the gaps in the Canadian texiles and apparel market including its FTA partners.

"Canada’s FTA with the United States, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica and Honduras contain tariff preference level (TPL) provisions for certain textile and apparel goods being imported or exported within the respective free trade zones. TPL-eligible goods are goods that do not meet the requirements of the FTA Rules of Origin but can still receive the same preferential tariff treatment as goods from the country of origin, up to a negotiated quantity," said John Banker, director, ATSC.

"The total value of apparel production in Canada continues to decrease while apparel imports continue to increase," added Banker. Since 2011, apparel imports have increased by C$3.4 billion or 8.3 per cent annually (average) to total $12.5 billion in 2015. Between 2010 and 2014, the total number of establishments contracted by approximately 12 per cent or 199 establishments. In 2015, approximately 20,000 employees were employed in the sector.  

The ATSC fair supported by the Indian High Commission in Canada, emerged as a great platform for manufacturers to interact directly with the Canadian buyers and fashion and apparel experts. The Indian participants attracted interest from brands like Aritzia, Le Chateau, Walmart-Canada, Jockey-Canada, Gildan, Canadian Goose and Roots.

The new Canadian buyers who visited the fair this time included, Assent Lebel, Attraction, Cananda Goose, YKK, New Era Cap, Ozeol, Remco, etc from the apparel, textiles fashion and accessories areas.  It was seen that 45 per cent of the visitors were looking for apparel, 32 per cent for accessories and 23 per cent for textiles. The other countries that participated included China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the US, the UK, Canada, Turkey, Jordan, Switzerland, Vietnam, Nepal, etc.

"The post show report reveals that the Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC) fair was a huge success; the fair expanded by more than 50 per cent from last year. Also, visitors’ growth was more than 67 per cent compared to previous fair, depicting huge potential that Canada as a market has for apparel and textiles. The increase in the number of participants clearly indicated the value that the event brings to manufacturers," said Banker.

"We are the sole partner responsible for Indian Pavilion for the coming year’s trade fair. We will be helping the Indian manufacturers to connect with the North American market, on continued basis. There are huge opportunities for Indian exporters; the apparel and textiles exports from India to Canada, is slated to double by 2020," said Dr Anurag Sinha, president and Sandeep Keshari, director, North American Brands Group, who represented at the second edition of ATSC as the organising partner.

The next edition of the fair will be held in 20- 22 August, 2018 in Toronto. (RR)

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