UMF, Universal Fibre, to make antimicrobial fibres

UMF Corporation, which develops high-performance products, programmes and training for infection prevention and commercial cleaning, has joined hands with Universal Fibre Systems, manufacturer of synthetic filament-based and specialty fibres, to produce high performance rechargeable antimicrobial fibres. These will incorporate UMF’s antimicrobial technology.

UMF will provide its patented antimicrobial, rechargeable Micrillon chemistry to Universal for incorporation into two high performance fibres.

The first, a super-fine sheath and core fibre, will be produced and utilised in a new, unique product requested by leading companies in the hotel industry. The second, a splittable, bicomponent filament, commonly referred to as microfibre or segmented pie filaments is also in production. These two Micrillon fibres will be converted to various yarn types for woven and knitted textiles such as gloves, gowns, towels, curtains, wipers and other products.

“UMF’s focus for over a decade has been infection prevention via high performance products, training and programmes,” said UMF Corporation CEO George Clarke. “The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened the entire world’s focus on infection prevention. Organisations have woken up to a new normal in which stopping the spread of infection is the top priority across all industries. The innovative products, all made in the US, that we’ll create in partnership with Universal Fibre Systems are more important than ever as the world struggles to mitigate the risk of COVID-19.”

UMF Corporation’s Micrillon is a rechargeable, broad spectrum, antimicrobial polymer additive that can be incorporated into fibres, as well as films, injection molded and extruded plastics, and charged with chlorine molecules. The Micrillon chemistry recharges for the life of the product into which it is incorporated, and will not leach into the environment. When bacteria and mold come into contact with the Micrillon surface, they are eliminated, and viruses are inactivated.

Universal will manufacture the Micrillon bicomponent fibres and sheath and core fibres in its manufacturing facility in Johnson City, Tenn. Both the splittable and sheath and core Micrillon fibres then can be knitted or woven into all kinds of textiles, the first of which will be a knitted glove for hotel staff to use in the front of the house. UMF Corporation plans to create other products for use in hospitality, healthcare and residential applications.

“Our partnership with UMF Corporation is a testament to our commitment to creativity, innovation, quality, sustainability and safety,” said Universal Fibre Systems business development manager Don Berlin. “Universal Fibre Systems is focused on delivering industry-leading fibre solutions around the world. We are excited to partner with an innovator such as UMF and help play a part in delivering these products at a time when the world so needs them.”

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