Renewable raw materials enhance chemical toolbox: Stahl

Petrochemical-based raw materials will become scarce—and conversely, renewable raw materials will become more readily available. The novel properties of these renewable materials will add new tools to chemical toolbox and make it possible to solve problems we experience now, according to Huub van Beijeren, CEO of global chemistry supplier Stahl.

«It is important to emphasise that sustainable developments are not incremental innovations. The transition to fully renewable materials is a path that requires new technologies, collaborations, and compromises. We don’t yet know what we can and cannot make using renewable raw materials,» writes van Beijeren in an article in the hard bound fifth edition of the Sustainability Compendium – ‘Going Circular’ brought out by Fibre2Fashion.

«The choice is not whether we should use renewable materials or not; there is also an area in between. We are in a transition phase in which, from a technical and chemical point of view, the opportunities are endless,» adds van Beijeren in his article ‘Need for circular processes’.

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