Polygiene and Bedgear announce new germ shield protector

Bedgear, a US leader in bedding, together with Polygiene has announced the new germ shield protector that incorporates a lab-tested anti-microbial technology that inhibits 99 per cent of microbes and germs. This is part of Bedgear’s longstanding commitment to provide sleepers with clean, and safe products that deliver a healthy sleep environment.
Central to the germ shield protector is Polygiene’s proven technology that suppresses the build-up of germs, bacteria and odour.
“Consumers do have a heightened awareness for a better, more hygienic sleep environment because of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Eugene Alletto, Bedgear’s CEO and founder, said in a press release. “However, both Bedgear and Polygiene do not want to take advantage of consumers’ fears with unsubstantiated claims. Both companies emphasise science, truth and transparency.”
Polygiene uses the best functioning technologies that are Bluesign certified, which means they meet strict independent environmental and product life cycle standards. They also hold an Oeko-tex certificate that guarantees the absence of unhealthy chemicals.
“Polygiene firmly believes in data, science and genuine research and will always be a reliable and trustworthy partner in every sense,” Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene, said. “Polygiene’s technology with Bedgear’s germ shield protector safely neutralises seasonal infections, germs and odours,” Alletto said.
“Both Bedgear and Polygiene are the premier brand offerings within their industries and I just cannot imagine a more ideal partnership. Polygiene is honoured to have been selected by Bedgear as a trusted partner,” Bobby Howell, commercial director Polygiene North America, said in the release.
Other bedding manufacturers are focusing on applying an anti-microbial topical treatment just to their mattresses. Bedgear’s germ shield protector is one bedding layer closer to the sleeper because it is placed over a standard mattress protector, which directly lays on top of the mattress, resulting in a cleaner and healthier sleep environment.
The partnership is an exclusivity with an order estimate worth approximately $500,000 annually for Polygiene.

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