OrganoTex textile impregnation launched in the UK

OrganoClick, a public Swedish cleantech company, has announced the launch of its OrganoTex is in the UK with the sport and outdoor agent FTUK as the sales partner. OrganoClick is since two years supplying fluorocarbon-free and biodegradable textile impregnations and maintenance products for clothes and garments under this brand OrganoTex.

Textile waterproofing spray-on and wash-in has been developed during several years and have been designed to give good water repellency, yet being biodegradable. The product is based on OrganoClick’s patented and awarded technology for modification of textile fibres and is totally free from the problematic per-fluorinated compounds (PFAS), cyclic siloxanes and isocyanates that is often used in textile impregnations. Several of these chemicals are thought to be cancerogenic and hormone disruptive, as well as being bioaccumulative in nature.

“As a business that is very much involved in sports and activities that happen in our green spaces, we see an increasing need to protect them. Being a long time climber, ultra-runner and rider, I am totally committed to the wellbeing of our ‘outdoor playgrounds’,” Mo Overfield, manager of FTUK, said in a press release.

As we develop brands like OrganoTex, I feel that we are doing something to help. OrganoTex’s truly biodegradable DWR treatment means less pollution in our waterways. We are proud to represent OrganoTex’s reproofing technology in our wet and windy country.”

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