Nandan launches new range of fashion protective denim

Nandan Denim Limited, the Ahmedabad-based company having vertically integrated production facility for manufacturing yarn to fabric under one roof, has launched a new range of fashion protective denim for ‘new normal life’ after COVID-19. The new fabric is anti-viral and anti-bacterial treated, and also provides protection from COVID-19 virus.
“After a long battle with COVID-19 virus, life and businesses will be soon back to normal. But we predict it will be a ‘new normal life’, where individuals will be more conscious about health, hygiene and safety. ‘Sustainability’ will be more focused on human angle than environmental aspects in the short term, till we completely come out of the COVID-19 fear,” the Chiripal Group company said in a statement.

To make people must feel more protected and secured in their ‘new normal life’, Nandan Denim is taking a lead role not only in social responsibility but also in innovation. The latest range of ‘New Normal’ collection of anti-bacterial and anti-virus treated denims also give protection from COVID-19 virus.

“At Nandan, we are not looking at these protective denims just as a business opportunity, but as a contribution to mankind by providing a tool to protect human health and ‘feeling safe’,” the statement said.

The ‘New Normal’ virus-protected denims come in all kinds, including top weight, bottom weight, ladies’ and men’s categories.

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