Moss starts making certified face masks in Germany

Moss has started manufacturing certified medical MNS face masks in Germany. Its high-speed production lines in Lennestadt are surgical face masks to meet EN 14683 Type II R standards. Moss has six automated production lines in Lennestadt which are able to produce millions of masks per week while two more automated mask production lines will be soon added.

Moss is a registered medical supply company and maintains two medical security officers for CE conformity on product. With round-the-clock operation, Moss has six automated production lines in Lennestadt which are able to produce millions of masks per week.

“In just over 100 days we went from merely discussing the idea of industrial face mask production, to realising new high-speed, certified face mask production that serves medical professionals and public health in Germany,” said Peter Bottenberg, managing director of Moss Europe. “We worked very closely with the engineering experts at Fraunhofer IPT to develop our proprietary automation lines. The efforts and actions of our partners and team members in Germany and the U S to bring production of Moss certified medical masks in Germany to life has been very impressive.”

Moss is shipping bulk orders of certified medical MNS masks both for customers in Germany and across the EU. Within 60 days, two more automated mask production lines will be added, bringing the total to eight.

“We knew we could not make a high-impact difference against the global medical mask shortage without really addressing both supply-chain and automation requirements – which we’ve done,” added Moss president and CEO Dan Patterson.

“With the intensity and uncertainty revolving around China’s production and export of finished masks and raw mask materials, we decided to build a more secure product pipeline by developing a strategic global supply chain and our own manufacturing equipment. The pivot into a long-term medical supply strategy was natural for us, as we have decades of sewing experience as well as innovation and design experience,” Patterson said.

Moss’s strategic supply chain has been vetted by accredited Certified Supply Chain Professionals (CSCP) on Moss’s Global Procurement Team.

“We’re providing reliable local fulfilment, proven high-quality execution, transparency of specifications, and competitively-priced supply,” Bottenberg said. “We can confidently supply customers with orders in the millions in just a few weeks, versus months.”

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