Jeanologia increases comfortability in jeans with Trizar

Trizar smart materials have been applied to finished jeans using Jeanologia’s e-flow technology. Jeanologia is a leader in sustainable finishing technologies for textile, coding, packaging, and other industrial applications. Trizar fabrics are based on the science of emissivity. This science measures a surface’s ability to emit thermal radiation.

Jeanologia has developed a manual for the Trizar application to insure even and consistent coating of Trizar materials to the inside of the finished jeans. By applying the Trizar technology to jeans in the washing / finishing process, the e-flow technology provides cost savings, zero waste, and an innovative way to add permanent warmth to jeans, without bulk, according to a press release by Clean Textile Technology.

After the e-flow process, the finished Trizar jeans were third party tested for infrared temperature capture. Depending on the weight of the jeans, the Trizar denim retained between 5 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit more heat than the control. The process has been transferred from the Jeanologia lab to manufacturing.

The e-flow technology is based on nano bubbles and was developed and patented by Jeanologia. The e-flow breaks up the surface of the garment, achieving soft hand feel and controlling shrinkage. A minimal quantity of water is needed and there is zero discharge from the process. Air from the atmosphere is introduced into an electro flow reactor and subjected to an electromechanical shock creating nano bubbles and a flow of wet air. The nano bubble mix is then transported into a rotating tumbler containing the denim garments, and when it comes into contact with them produces a soft and natural hand feel.

“We have worked on this project to deliver a broader comfort range to jeans over the last three years and Jeanologia provided a unique delivery system plus access to over 35 per cent of the Jean manufacturers globally,” Brad Poorman of Clean Textile Technology said.

Trizar technology is a space certified technology that was used by NASA on Spaceships. By increasing a materials emissivity, Trizar materials are engineered to re radiate heat your body produces to keep you warmer longer. O’Neill Snowboard jackets, Forloh Hunting gear, Endeavor Athletic, HXT Mittens, Olympia, Cloudveil, Arctic Cat and Wolverine cold weather gloves all use Trizar materials now to retain body heat in cold weather.

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